The path to Chillpreneurship begins by giving yourself permission to be exactly the way you are. 


Don’t you just love it when a book gives you a big ole kick in the butt? You sit down to read a good book, and all of a sudden, you realize the book is talking about you. I love that feeling, and Chillpreneur by Denise Duffield-Thomas did exactly that for me. I typically judge a good leadership/business book by how much I use my highlighter and sticky tabs, and let’s just say I highlighted A LOT of great content in this book. Each chapter just spoke to me and the journey I’m on as a Girl Boss. If you are your own boss or would like to be your own boss, I cannot recommend this book enough. Denise has a no-nonsense style of writing, and she will give you the permission you need to run your business YOUR WAY. There are great lessons and questions at the end of each chapter to really make you think about your business and start planning. 


Here are the chapters to give you an idea of what to expect:

Part I: Mindset

Chapter 1: Playing the Game of Business
Chapter 2: Beliefs That Can Limit Your Success in Business
Chapter 3: Millionaire Mindset Lessons


Part II: Business Models

Chapter 4: The Keyless Life
Chapter 5: Are You Killing the Golden Goose?
Chapter 6: Two of My Dumbest Business Mistakes
Chapter 7: Five Essentials for a Chillprenuer Business

Part III: Money

Chapter 8: Big Pricing Mistakes
Chapter 9: How to Increase Your Prices Without Losing Clients
Chapter 10: Awkward Money Conversations Made Easy

Part IV: Marketing

Chapter 11: The 1 Percent Conversion Rule
Chapter 12: Cat Charming and Internet Dating
Chapter 13: Show up, Be Seen and Be Heard
Chapter 14: Make Offers, Make Money

The Verdict…

I LOVED this book! I definitely recommend it to my Girl Bosses out there. You will feel encouraged, challenged, and inspired! 

Be the joy,