Raise your hand if you are binge-watching Marie Kondo’s Netflix show ? I know I certainly am, and I have been purging my closet ever since. Oh, and I have no intentions to stop. I can’t wait to tackle my junk drawers, extra closets, and kitchen pantry. I actually read Marie’s book a few years ago and the idea of “does it spark joy” really resonated with me. Especially with clothes…I would keep something “just in case” I had a fancy party to attend (which never happens) or if I needed to get super dressed up for work (which never happens anymore). When I applied the “does it spark joy” method, I actually tossed those things because holding on to something for a future event (that may or may not happen) isn’t joyful. It’s stupid. So bye-bye sequined black sweater that I haven’t worn in 10 years. 
As I watched the show and saw many of my friends purging on social media, it dawned on me that the “spark joy” concept should be added to our whole lives, not just our home or our closets. Does your job spark joy? Do your friends spark joy? Does your car spark joy? Do the people you follow on social media spark joy…yep, I bet I got you with that one! We should strive to only fill our lives with things, people, organizations and jobs that spark joy in our lives. Because if we’re willing to do it with our homes and our closets, why not apply joy to our lives as well? Here are the three areas of your life I think you should focus on incorporating joy:

1) Your job


Now, I get it – leaving a job is not easy. It certainly wasn’t easy for me when I did it in 2014, but I was miserable and seeking challenge and creativity. I was looking for joy in my work. Thankfully, I found joy in starting my own business, working from home, and being my own boss. If you are miserable in your job, do everything you can to change the situation. Life is too damn short to work for shitty people or do shitty work. Free yourself, friends. 


2) Your people


Are there people in your life right now that if I said “call so and so,” you’d hesitate just a little because you really don’t want to hang with that person? Then that person is definitely not sparking joy in your life right now. Maybe you need to think about why you hang out with someone who doesn’t bring you joy. I found this article an interesting read on the subject.  Now, let’s flip the situation: are you bringing joy to the people in your life? Are you a good listener, helpful, ask about your friend/spouse’s thoughts and feelings? OR are you a joy sucker…don’t be a joy sucker! Be the type of person everyone wants to spend time with because you spark joy in their lives. 

3) Your social media

Finally, and I think most importantly…do your social media feeds bring you joy? Are you following people and friends who inspire you, make you laugh or make you think? Or are you following folks who make you feel bad about your body or bad about your life? Are there accounts that give you so much anxiety because you think, When will I ever have a life like this IG person or have money like that FB person? or Why am I not as thin, pretty, tan, tall, rich, creative, in love, organized as so and so?…OMG the list goes on forever.  If you are feeling any of these things or thinking any of these thoughts, UNFOLLOW now. Mel Robbins has a thing I love called Unfollow Friday. Check out her video:
I love this, and this month I’ve been unfollowing  A LOT of accounts that made me feel less than I should. I hope you will too. 
You know what does spark joy in my life? My dog, Tallulah Belle. She is literally the epitome of joy. She runs everywhere she goes, she dives off the patio, she loves to eat her food, chew her toys, and most importantly, she loves to snuggle with me on the bed. Anytime I need a little joy boost in my life, I look to Tallulah to fill me right up. We need to seek the joy in our lives and take the time to appreciate it and soak it in. 
What person/thing sparks joy in you? 

Be the joy,