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Hello, it’s me…again, Allyson – The girl boss advocate and lover of all things pink. Welcome to my refreshed blog. I took some time off but decided it was time to freshen this site up a bit. Along with my new blog, I now have a “Books” section where I feature all my recently read books. Truth be told, I am MOST excited about my books page so I can share all my favorite books with you. My friends are always asking me for book recommendations, so here you go! You asked and now you shall receive. I have also included all the fiction books I’ve read the last 3 years and my favorite leadership books. I update this list every week, so make sure to check back to figure out what you should read next.

Since it’s been a while, I have some life updates for you. I am on year 3 of my empty nest (sad face), but it’s going surprisingly well. Sure, year one I was a crying mess, but year 3? I GOT this. Spencer is doing great at Missouri State. He has to sit this year because of transfer rules, but he gets two more years to play basketball after this season (woohoo).

The Twiggs Group is about to be 5 years old (SAY WHAT). I cannot believe it! It has been the hardest and most fun journey I’ve ever been on, and I’m grateful to still be at it. Not a lot of small businesses make it to the 5-year mark and I couldn’t have made it this far without the help of a lot of talented people…you know who you are. I am grateful.

Welcome and feel free to take a look around my new and refreshed blog…I partnered with Nicole Arguello Freelancing on the design and feel of my blog, she’s so talented Y’all.  I look forward to connecting with you here, but also, let’s connect on the ‘Gram, too. @allysontwiggs



Seek joy,