PSA: I’m finally meditating. Before you say “so what,” you should know that I’ve tried to meditate for over two years and failed miserably. Every time I would try to meditate, I would immediately start thinking about what I need to get done for my work, what needs cleaning in my house, or I would just fall asleep…yikes, right? This time around, however, I am using the Calm app. The Calm app helps you set aside 10 minutes every day for meditation. When I found this app, I thought to myself…geez, if I can’t find 10 minutes a day to sit still and meditate, I need an intervention!

The app offers a “Daily Calm” every day, guided meditations (for stress, anxiety, relationships, focus, sleep, etc.), relaxing stories that help you fall asleep, music for focus and relaxation, and video lessons for stretching and mindful movements. I specifically love the message in the mediation every day. It always relaxes me and gives me something to think about. And it’s only 10 minutes long…plus the guide, Tamara Levitt, is fantastic. 

Not to mention, the app is easy to use, and it’s a great way to start my day. In fact, I am now on a 50-day meditation streak (woohoo!) and my goal is to meditate 100 days straight.  Some days, I am too distracted to really do it justice, but I try it again the next day and work a little harder on being present and focusing on the breath. Most importantly, I don’t beat myself up when I suck at meditation. I just make it my mission to do better next time. If I start beating myself up over not being fully present, I will be 1) stressed over another thing in my life (ain’t nobody got time for that!) and 2) probably won’t stick with it long.

The reason I started meditating and using this app is because there are so many wonderful benefits to mediation. There is a wonderful article on HuffPost that describes the health benefits of meditation. Dr. Hedy Kober said meditating is like working out your brain: it causes your mind to be stronger and more flexible. When you meditate and come to new solutions, your brain makes new connections. That’s right. Meditating literally changes our minds. Why wouldn’t we meditate?? I have friends who have had success with Insight Timer and last year I used the Headspace app.  You will need to find the app/practice that works best for you. 

Side note: meditation is different for everyone. For me, since my word in 2019 is “centered,” it’s a time to sit still, listen, and breathe. For someone else, it may be running or listening to music or drawing. Whatever calms and stills your mind is your meditation. How do you meditate? Let me know in the comments below!


Be the joy,