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Friends…long time no blog posts! You know how life goes…you get super busy and you have to let a few things go.  I let my personal blog go because my business grew (a lot) and I had to focus my time there. I am grateful beyond measure for my business and clients…it’s what I am absolutely passionate about, helping people with their businesses.

Also, last year I was struggling (big time) with my empty nest.  Man…I was not ready for Spencer to head to college, at.all. But he had a great freshman year, I survived it! This fall is much better…I don’t love my empty nest, but I can handle it better this year.  Basketball season starts in 12 days…I can hardly wait.

So…the real reason why I posted here today.  I launched a new blog for my business at The Pink Tree.  (Right? Because I have so much time to write content here, lol) However, I encourage my clients to have blogs so that they own and control their content.  It was high time I practiced what I preach.  So, if you like the content we are sharing at the Pink Tree, I hope you will subscribe there and receive updates when we post new content.

I’m not sure what will become of this space…I do miss putting together my “Friday Favorites” but for now, I’m going to focus my “writing” efforts over at the Pink Tree.  I’d love to have guest writers…so if you’d like to write for the Pink Tree, please reach out.

Have a great day and enjoy this incredible fall weather.