In my line of work as a marketing consultant, I get to work with some of the most talented creators. I love the great graphic designers and web designers I get to work with. They have skills I absolutely DO NOT possess, but together we can make some beautiful content. In my spare time, I love to peruse websites and see what looks good, sounds good, and feels good on the site. I am in the process of rebranding my work site The Twiggs Group so I have been perusing a little more than usual. 
And in my perusing, I have found that there is nothing that causes more shock and horror for me than when I land on a site and the site immediately puts me to work! Click here! Fill this out! Press this! Scroll scroll scroll! WHY? Why are you doing this to your customers/readers/clients? Your website should flow and provide me all the information I need with simple ease. Don’t make me work for your content!
The number one thing I despise the most? Contact Forms! I hate contact forms on websites so much. If you want someone to contact you or buy from you, why on earth would you make them “do the work” by filling out a contact form? AND where in God’s green earth does this information go? Have you tried your contact form yourself to actually see what happens? More times than not…it goes NOWHERE. (Oh, the horror!)
Make it easy on your peeps and just put your best form of contact in the contact section of your website…is it email? Is it phone (please don’t get me started on my hatred for voicemail) or text? Then, list all of the ways to contact you and sit back and know that your site visitors have all the information they need to contact you. So, if they need to reach you, they can. Also, do not make “contacting you” so hard to find on the site. Top right button or if your business still gets a lot of phone calls, add your phone number in your header so people can find it on the home page. This article by Create & Cultivate has a few good reminders for common mistakes on websites.
Now that I’ve stated my website pet peeves, what’s yours? You must have a few website pet peeves of your own. Let me know what they are in the comments! 

Be the joy,