Girlfriends…are you listening? We have to start saving our own money, get a handle on our own money issues, and adequately prepare for our own financial future.



Money. There’s more where that came from.

Lately, I have been thinking a lot about money (aren’t we all ?). How much money I make, and more importantly, how much money I save. I read and follow a lot of money mindset coaches, and for years, I have worked on my relationship with money. What does this mean? Well, for instance, I like to make a habit of saying “there’s more where that came from” when it comes to money.
I have this habit because many years ago, I read a book that said we should be thankful when we see bills in the mailbox. The book also stated that when we pay the bill, we should say “there’s more than enough.” Now, at this time I was living paycheck to paycheck as a single mom. This mentality could not have been farther from the truth for me, but I gave it a try. Because why not? And sure enough, once I changed my mindset about money and bills, more money did seem to come my way. Multiple job promotions and even a husband who had a pretty darn good job. ?


Ellevest, investing for women and by women.

Over the years, I have contributed to my 401k, but now that I own my own business, it’s not as easy. It was easy when the company automatically took the funds out of my paycheck each month, but it’s much harder to take the funds out of your own paycheck. I was looking for a better way to invest, and in true manifestation fashion, I found a better way.

In one of my newsletters that I regularly read (pssst, are you following mine?), there was a link to Ellevest. I was immediately drawn to the tagline, “invest like a woman.” Um hello, SIGN ME UP! I did my research and sure enough, Ellevest is for women, by women (Sallie Krawcheck to be exact). I really liked how they “talked” to me about money on the website. They ask a few questions about your money goals, your yearly salary, and then they suggest a plan for you.

Girlfriends…are you listening? We have to start saving our own money, get a handle on our own money issues, and adequately prepare for our own financial future.


Why aren’t we investing?

After looking at Ellevest, I asked myself… why are we, women, not investing? Two weeks ago, I listened to “The Latte Factor” by David Bach, and it was a great reminder that we all spend money on things every day that we probably really don’t need. Lattes, lunches out, fancy bottled water, another eye shadow palette (guilty!). When, in reality, we could take that $50 per month that we spend on random splurges and invest it. Instead of throwing another eye shadow palette on our vanities or consuming our weights in lattes, we can watch the compound interest grow over the years from our investments. Don’t believe me? Read David’s book. It will change your mindset towards money! I wish I’d known more about this in my 20’s (speaking of which, why are we not teaching this in high school???).


Let’s invest, ladies!

So, let’s do it! Let’s invest and encourage other women to invest! Check out Ellevest, read books about money, and educate yourself so you can make intelligent decisions about your financial future. When women have wealth, they do SO many good things with that wealth. The truth is, we need a lot more wealthy women in this country, and I plan to be one of them…you with me?